It is best to email us via the contact section of our website with as much information as possible (the package chosen, the rental period, your status in Canada, etc.) We promise to make you a quote within 24 hours.

Our rental service is offered to people coming to Montreal as students, internships, WHV (Working Holiday Visas), young professionals, etc. We ask for evidence that you are visiting Montreal (school evidence, study permit, etc.) and we reserve the right to refuse requests.

We accept contracts for 5 months and more. In some cases it is possible that we accept 4 months (for one academic semester) but below that, we will not respond to your request.

5 minimum items must be ordered for a customized package.

Once you accept the price of the pack chosen and you send a copy or scan the documents requested in your contract, we will plan a delivery with you at your convenience. We can deliver within 48 hours after finalizing the contract.

Our warehouse is not open to the public and our furniture is the same as on our website (see Products page). Although, it is possible to choose your furniture, according to the available stock in the warehouse, one week before delivery. We send you pictures of available furniture by e-mail and you can make your choice.

Our service is offered generally in Montreal. In some cases, we can deliver in Longueuil and Laval.
We accept payment by: Interac e-transfer, cash, check, Paypal (Canadian dollars)

The day of the delivery, you should have on hand a copy of the documents requested in the contract, your deposit and the first lease payment. We also will complete the contract with you.

The day of the delivery, you must pay the amount of the current month. Subsequently, all payments will be the 1st of each month.
All prices are tax included.

The deposit is an insurance on the equipment. It will be given back at the end of your contract, after inspection of the furniture. If broken equipment is found, it could be that we retain a certain amount from your deposit or the deposit in full.

It is your responsibility to contact us to mention your move. Only Pack Mobilier can transport the furniture from your housing to another because they are our property and our responsibility.

– keep the furniture in good condition.

– We require a valid phone number, a valid e-mail, and that you respond to messages sent within a reasonable time.

– If for personal reasons you must leave the country before the end of your contract, you must notify us in advance of your departure.

-If you plan to rent your room with our furniture to another person, you must notify us so that we can verify the info of the new tenant and thus make a new contract with them.

First, let us know. It is possible to make an agreement with you, as per the reasons for the delay in payment. We have some flexibility to accommodate you.
If we have no news of you after a week of late payment or that the reasons for late payment are not valid, we reserve the right to pick up our furniture and without notice.